How Much Do Data Entry Jobs Pay

How Much Do Data Entry Jobs Pay, How Much Do Home Data Entry Jobs Pay?

How Much Do Data Entry Jobs Pay:- In an office setting, data entry clerks typically enter information from papers into company databases. But these jobs are becoming more and more distant work roles. What is the salary range for data entry work from home, then? Is it worthwhile to switch to a home data entry job or to start one? Apart from the previously mentioned work-from-home positions like freelance writing or graphic design, is it a feasible option?

This post examines the pay scale for work-from-home data entry positions, how to get started in the industry, and what you should know to succeed.


How Much Do Home Data Entry Jobs Pay?

In the US, data entry tasks that can be done from home typically pay $27,995 per year. With opportunities to grow and earn more in a full-time data entry role, the annual income range for the position is between $21K and $37K. Here are five current wage reports with average hourly or monthly wages for remote data entry jobs:

  • $15/hour – 1–2 year old data entry specialist in Houston, TX
  • $4,400 per month – California-based data entry worker with five to seven years of experience
  • $12/hour for a 1-2 year experienced data entry operator in New York, with a $14k cash incentive
  • $15 per hour – Unknown years of experience – Data entry clerk in Pittsburg, PA
  • $20/hour – 1-2 years of experience as a data entry specialist in Los Angeles, CA

While you’re first starting out, the average hourly wage for entry-level home data entry jobs should be in the $12–$15 range.

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How Much Do Data Entry Jobs Pay

How to Begin Working from Home as a Data Entry Clerk

Using freelance platforms is the quickest and most straightforward approach to begin working as a data entry clerk. Online services abound that provide entry-level to expert data entry jobs that you may accomplish from home and make a respectable living.

Here are some top websites where you can locate remote data entry jobs:

  • – takes 20% commission on jobs with each client until you earn $500, then 10% thereafter
  • – 20% commission
  • – 10-20% commission

The freelance marketplaces listed above are generalist, which means they provide a broad range of assignments suitable for various skill levels. Because of the great need for data entry jobs, these sites typically have an abundance of them. Because larger brands, agencies, and businesses searching for skilled freelancers online trust these platforms, you’re also likely to secure a better gig. You can try looking for data entry jobs on websites with a more specific focus if you are unsuccessful with them. One such site is Toptal, which outsources work in certain industries including software development, design, and finance.

There are many benefits to freelancing, but one drawback of work-from-home data entry jobs may be that you won’t receive any benefits. For this reason, you might wish to look into working from home as a data entry employee for a corporation.

5 Online Data Entry Jobs Worth Checking Out Right Now

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon MTurk is a well-liked option for remote data entry workers, even though it might not be the best solution for individuals hoping to make big sums of money. It’s essentially a website that uses crowdsourcing techniques to hire independent workers to perform simple data entry tasks. Making an account is easy and free of cost.

2. Kendall Creek Communications

Reputable US-based business Kendall Creek Communications does social security and immigration-related data entry and transcribing.

3. Clickworker

Another generalist site for freelance work is Clickworker, but it specializes mostly in data entry labor. Perfect for both novice performers and experienced data entry professionals. Using Clickworker’s free service, you can make money on the side doing data entry or comparable tasks.

4. Microworkers

If all you want to do is try your hand at quick and easy data entry jobs, go to Instead of committing to a single, massive ongoing project, you can apply to multiple smaller data entry projects here.

5. Capital Typing

Businesses all across the world can hire Capital Typing for various data and clerical services. They use independent contractors to handle large-scale data entry tasks. Applying to work as a content writer or transcriptionist is also an option.

Home Data Entry Job Requirements & Skills

The lack of a requirement for a higher educational background makes data entry professions appealing. A high school degree or its equivalent usually suffices to get started.

As you advance in experience, though, you should generally anticipate that employers will need at least two to three years of expertise handling intricate data entry jobs.

To succeed in a data entry role, you usually require the following abilities in addition to the necessary education, training, and experience:

  • Fast typing skills
  • Basic computer skills with knowledge of Word tools
  • Strong language (English) skills
  • Knowledge of popular processing tools such as MS Office Word, Google Drive, Excel, etc.
  • Prior experience or understanding of data software
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent organization skills

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How Much Do Data Entry Jobs Pay

Basic Tools You Need For Data Entry Jobs From Home

If you don’t put in the effort to position yourself for success, including making sure you have the right tools, you won’t get very far in your data entry career. To avoid distractions from your data entry job schedule, you could also think about setting up an office space at home.

To finish any kind of data entry activity, you usually require the following essential tools:

  • A laptop/desktop Mac or PC with fast, reliable wifi
  • Access to processing tools such as Microsoft Office, Google Suite, or equivalent
  • Mobile phone or landline

Alternative Options For Home Data Entry Jobs

Experienced data entry workers can effortlessly transition into other remote work roles using the skills they have learned. So, you may easily move on to related jobs while staying location-independent if you ever become tired of data entry or aren’t happy with the pay.


Because both transcription and data entry require a comparable skill set, they are very similar occupations. You must have a keen eye for detail, type quickly, and speak the target language fluently. If you can quickly transcribe the audio or video and can handle a large volume of work, transcription can also bring in a respectable income.


If you want to use a bit more imagination in your profession, copywriting is a terrific alternative to data entry. Written content for websites, email marketing, and advertising campaigns that aim to increase sales is known as copywriting.

Social Media Manager

Similar to data input, social media manager tasks center on the branding and identity of the firm. Basic computer skills and typing knowledge are prerequisites for many content creation tasks, including content scheduling, social media profile management, and compilation.

Online Customer Service (Chat/Email)

Consider online customer care employment via chat and email if you feel that data entry work lacks social communication. Due to the regular postings of jobs for this kind of work on websites like Upwork, live chat and email customer care is in high demand.

How Much Do Data Entry Jobs Pay

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Conclusion: How Much Do Data Entry Jobs Pay

You might consider looking into remote employment if your office job is boring you. Fortunately, there are a tonne of ways to make money online, with data entry jobs from home still ranking highly!

One of the finest ways to increase your income is through online income generation. Online labor is a very alluring option for making quick cash turnarounds because some jobs actually pay weekly. You may optimize your earning potential by working at your own speed when freelancing, even though it doesn’t come with company benefits.

Since there aren’t many criteria for data entry jobs, you can start making extra money while developing the knowledge and skills you’ll need to eventually advance your remote work into a full-time data entry position (or another online career). The options are countless!


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