Data Entry Certification Online

Data Entry Certification Online, 6 Best Free Online Data Entry Courses & Certificates in 2024

Data Entry Certification Online:- The process of entering, storing, and maintaining data in a database or computer system is known as data entry. It entails transferring data from multiple sources into digital format by hand entry or conversion. It is an essential part of many different companies and institutions.

To become well-known in the field and increase your chances of finding employment in the future, it’s critical to invest in the correct data entry course. We have selected the top online data entry training programs to assist you in making the best decision. Let’s take a brief look at the top six courses, which vary in terms of program offerings, cost, and level.


1) Data Entry Course for Beginners (Udemy)

Data Entry Certification Online

One of the greatest online data entry courses for beginners wishing to work as a freelancer in the data entry industry is Data Entry Course for Beginners. You will see samples of data entry assignments that are accessible on these platforms and gain more knowledge about freelance markets. Enhancing the learner’s self-assurance in work environments is the goal of the practice files.

This online course on data entry is taught by Md. Azharul Islam Rafy. He is a self-employed web developer as well as a content creator. The course offers the skills needed to develop a respectable portfolio and draw clients in the data entry industry, all for a fair price.

Key Topics:

  • Microsoft Word Basics
  • Ways to Convert PDF Files Easily
  • Website Scrape & Data Entry
  • Opportunities on Fiverr as a Data Entry Service Provider

Why This Course?

  • Those who are interested in learning about data entry should take this course.
  • A completion certificate.
  • It will instruct you on how to launch a beginner’s profession in data entry.
  • Practice files and one downloadable resource to help you develop your portfolio.
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days.
Short and informative course for beginnersPractice sessions can be difficult
Examples of online job sites are providedMany of the course videos are completely free on YouTube.
Data Entry Certification Online

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2) Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel (Coursera)

Overview of Analysis of Data By using Excel, students are introduced to Microsoft Excel. Its organization is simple to read and comprehend. “Business Statistics and Analysis Specialisation” is the first of five parts that make up this course. This free online course on data entry is being taught by Sharad Borle, an associate professor of management at Rice University.

It is intended for both beginners and seasoned Excel users who want to brush up on and enhance their current abilities.

Both basic and intermediate Excel functionality are covered in this course. Additionally, it provides an understanding of the more complex Business Statistics topics. Students will be able to apply their newly acquired abilities to assignments in the real world by the end of the course.

Key Topics:

  • Introduction to Spreadsheets
  • Introduction to Filtering, Pivot Tables, and Charts
  • Spreadsheet Functions to Organize Data
  • Advanced Graphing and Charting

Why This Course?

  • The certificate of completion for the course is transferable.
  • Nine languages, including Tamil, Arabic, and French, have subtitles for it.
  • It provides flexible deadlines and self-paced learning.
  • Practice tests, graded quizzes with feedback
Beginner-friendly with a base foundation in data analyticsOlder version of Excel is used
Course material is efficiently organized and taughtLack of sufficient practice sessions

3) Microsoft Excel: Business Intelligence w/ Power Query & DAX (Udemy)

Data Entry Certification Online

There is an online data entry course called Microsoft Excel: Business Intelligence w/ Power Query & DAX. The software’s business intelligence and data modeling tools are intended for proficient Excel users.

Chris Dutton, the course instructor, wants to impart novel approaches to eschew manual labor and create data models straight from the source. In addition to being the creator of Maven Analytics, he is an expert-level data analytics lecturer.

This course assists students in becoming productive data entry workers. This course is appropriate for you if you wish to start working with data analysis or business intelligence.

Key Topics:

  • Intro to “Power Excel”
  • Analyzing Data with Power Pivot & DAX
  • Connecting & Transforming Data with Power Query in Excel
  • Common DAX Formulas & Function

Why This Course?

  • Participants in the course should be interested in jobs in data analysis or business intelligence.
  • Students will be able to transform their Excel workflow with its assistance.
  • Comprehensive instruction in Excel is given along with professional assistance.
  • Lifelong access to exercises, tests, and project files
  • There are five downloadable resources and thirteen read-only articles.
Engaging and in-depth course materialMore focused on theory than practical material
Complex topics are broken down into an easy-to-understand structureNot designed for Mac users

4) Complete Advanced Data Entry Application in Microsoft Excel (Udemy)

Microsoft Excel’s Complete Advanced Data Entry Application Training is incredibly educational. It shows how to use some of the most sophisticated Excel capabilities in a work environment.

Amam Mubeen teaches it; she specializes in finance-related courses including Power BI, Microsoft Office, Tally, and Finance. Anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of Excel and data analysis skills, including freelancers, should take this data entry course.

Upon completion of the course, you will have the foundational knowledge required to dive into business intelligence or data analytics. You will discover how to capture and assign macros, validate data, make visually appealing dashboards, and much more.

Key Topics:

  • Advanced-Data Entry Related Excel Functions
  • Automated Printable Application
  • Advanced-Data Entry Application
  • Pivot Chart for Data Analysis
  • Protect the Workbook and Lock the Cells

Why This Course?

  • Without requiring the usage of VBA code, anyone can learn complex Excel data input applications.
  • Case studies and examples from real life make the course material easier to understand.
  • 1 article and 3 downloadable materials.
Provides well-structured and informative content.The course length is under five hours.
Course length is under five hours.Designed for advanced learners.

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Data Entry Certification Online

5) Beginners Guide to Microsoft Excel – Data Entry (Skillshare)

The course Beginners Guide to Microsoft Excel is intended for students with intermediate knowledge. Charts, pivot tables, numerous worksheets, formatting, data organization, and functions are all covered in the course.

Leading Excel specialist Marie and instructor Codi teach Microsoft Excel. You will gain knowledge on formatting subjects for rows, columns, and cells. Additionally, you will learn how to work with a variety of workbooks. This course covers a variety of abilities, like creating charts, sorting and filtering data, and pivot tables. Upon passing every video, quiz, and final test with a score of 70% or above, it offers professional data entry certification.

Key Topics:

  • Starting an Excel Worksheet: Formulas, Functions, and Formatting Changing Data and Worksheet Layout, Page Layout, Printing, and Worksheet Views
  • Workbooks & Worksheets
  • Features of Data Management
  • Sharing and security

Why This Course?

  • A leading Excel specialist uses real-world examples and practice files to teach the course.
  • Upon finishing the course, students receive a shareable certificate.
  • It provides the essential abilities required for the modern workplace.
Easy-to-understand step-by-step instructionsRequires at least a basic level of Excel exposure
Requires minimal learning timeLacks interactive sessions

6) Complete Data Entry Skills Course – Learn Data Entry Skills (Udemy)

Learn Data entering abilities: The Comprehensive Data Entry Skills Course is a course that covers essential data-entering abilities. In the current data entry employment environment, these abilities are necessary to stay competitive.

To produce the course materials, Padma Vaidyanathan drew on her more than three decades of accounting industry expertise. It includes fundamental knowledge that can benefit anyone looking to move into the sector and take a position requiring entry-level data entry. You will learn how to format and edit text in any word processor, as well as how to use watermarks. To help students get comfortable with fundamental data entry tasks, the course provides practice files.

Key Topics

  • Working in today’s industry requires a basic understanding of data input.
  • Using the basic features of Microsoft Excel.
  • Overview of Microsoft Word
  • Practice files to help you stay current on your knowledge
  • Functions and Formulas

Why This Course?

  • The abilities gained from the course will contribute to increased self-assurance in the data entry industry.
  • For those who wish to learn the fundamentals of data entry, including creating tables, formatting, and file conversions, this is the perfect course.
Covers essential data entry skills for beginnersVery basic course material
Covers time-saving tips and tricksPricey compared to other courses
Data Entry Certification Online

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FAQs On Data Entry Certification Online

Q.) In what way can I learn data entry?

Ans. For many different types of jobs, data entry is an underappreciated talent. It takes commitment and a lot of practice to become proficient at data entry. Online courses, like the ones on the list above, make it simple to learn any level of data entry skills.

Q.) How can I choose the top data entry course?

Ans. Students have access to numerous data entry courses (both online and in-class). The optimal path of action is contingent upon several factors. The primary variables are the teacher’s experience, learning preferences, cost, and time commitment.

Q.) How Do I Apply for a Job in Data Entry?

Ans. It is possible to obtain entry-level data entry work without prior work experience. To increase your chances of landing the ideal data entry job in the industry, networking, and skill improvement are crucial.

Searching for online data entry jobs on sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, LinkedIn, and so on would be beneficial. Display your acquired talents by using data entry certificates.


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