Data Entry Course

Data Entry Course, 5 Best Data Entry Online Courses and Certifications

Data Entry Course:- Since the shutdown in India took place. These days, most people are searching for internet income opportunities. To acquire basic to advanced level expertise regarding data entry, one can enroll in any of the free online courses listed above, which I will go over in depth in this post. While self-learning is the primary goal of the majority of online courses, some are career-focused, allowing students to choose to pursue employment in the field upon course completion. Let’s examine all of the information on the online data entry courses that are available.

There are numerous course options. While some online courses for data entry are free, the majority of them require payment. If you want to pursue a career in this industry or are just searching for a side gig to supplement your income, it is always preferable to choose paid courses.


What is Data Entry?

Simply said, data input is the process of transforming one type of information into another. Most often, companies need someone to enter sales data into a spreadsheet, record meeting minutes, or link databases. Data entry jobs entail entering data onto computerized forms, as the name suggests. Workers with experience in data entry are in high demand by a diverse range of industries, so it can be advantageous to have it. To land a data entry job, a candidate has to have computer knowledge, typing proficiency, and rudimentary clerical abilities.

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Data Entry Course

Skills Required

To enroll in the online data entry courses, there are no prerequisites. To put it briefly, there are no prerequisites for taking an online course. All you need to pursue data entry is a fundamental command of English and a deeper awareness of computers and their tools, among other things. to succeed as a data entry operator in the industry. One must possess the following abilities:

Organizational abilitiesBasic software knowledge
Superior typing speedGood concentration
Good customer service skillsDiligent and responsible
Ability to meet deadlinesGood knowledge of English and grammar
Able to maintain data confidentialityAccuracy
Attention to detailConcentration
Self-motivatedAble to work under pressure

Best Data Entry Online Courses and Certifications List

  • Data Entry Course for Beginners
  • Excel for Beginners
  • Xero Online Accounting – the Practical Data Entry Course
  • Excel: Tips and Tricks
  • Google Sheets Tutorial: Spreadsheets for Beginners
Data Entry Course

1. Data Entry Course for Beginners

Take Advice from a Proficient Data Entry Specialist!

This online course on data entry will teach you how to:

  • Start from scratch as a professional data entry clerk.
  • Convert image and PDF files.
  • Do online research and data entry.
  • Practice files to develop your portfolio and practice your talent.

This article will teach you about the many kinds of data entry projects that are offered on freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork. You’ll gain a thorough comprehension of:

  • What kinds of Data Entry Jobs are there on freelance marketplaces?
  • How do our clients give us the job instructions?
  • How are data entry projects carried out?

Once you’ve seen the courses and worked through the practice tasks in the course, you’ll feel confident enough to try obtaining clients on online marketplaces and start your own business providing professional data entry services.

2. Excel for Beginners

Discover how to use Microsoft Excel as a beginner to take advantage of new chances in data entry.

This online course on data entry will teach you:

  • Assurance in terms of language, anatomy, and spreadsheet form.
  • Guidelines for entering, storing, and manipulating data in spreadsheets.
  • Common techniques for summarising and manipulating data include creating simple equations, sorting, filtering, and employing pivot tables.
  • Common techniques for visualizing data with charts.

Giving you a foundation on which to build more sophisticated skills in the future is the aim of this Excel course. This course covers fundamental Excel skills such as the structure of spreadsheets and workbooks, data entry, summarization, and manipulation, graphing, and visualization, as well as strong tools like pivot tables, filters, and sorts.

3. Xero Online Accounting – the Practical Data Entry Course

Utilise Xero daily by adhering to the detailed, hands-on instructions provided in this course.

This online course on data entry will teach you:

  • All the information required to utilize Xero for routine data entry.
  • How to register for a free trial of Xero and input your company information.
  • How to make and send out sales invoices, as well as how to design their layouts.
  • Inputting credit notes and purchase invoices, together with backup attachments.
  • All about balancing your financial transactions and importing bank statements.
  • Create and run reports to verify your data entry.
  • How to use simple Xero ideas to cut down on time and prevent errors.
  • How to tweak things and fix mistakes with ease.

This online certificate for data entry comprises:

  • Setting up your Organisation
  • Tidying the Chart of Accounts
  • Opening Balances
  • Sales Invoice Setup
  • Sales Invoices and Credit Notes
  • Sales Reporting
  • Adding Suppliers
  • Purchase Invoices and Credit Notes
  • Purchases Reporting
  • Importing a Bank Statement
  • Customer Receipts
  • Customer Receipts Reporting
  • Supplier Payments
  • Supplier Payments Reporting
  • Sundry Bank Receipts and Payments
  • Sundry Bank Receipts and Payments Reporting
  • Customer Defaults
  • Item Codes
  • Supplier Defaults
  • Repeating Purchase Invoices
  • Merging Duplicate Contacts
  • Amending Sales Invoices
  • Amending Purchase Invoices
  • Find and Recode

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4. Excel: Tips and Tricks

Do you want to step up your Excel game?

Included in the online data entry course are:

  • Seven Significant Shortcuts
  • Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar Tips
  • Display Shortcuts
  • Navigation and Selection Shortcuts
  • Data Entry and Editing Shortcuts
  • Drag and Drop Techniques
  • Formula Shortcuts
  • Operational Shortcuts
  • Formatting Shortcuts
  • Data Management Techniques
  • Charting and Visual Object Tips
  • PivotTable Tips
  • Tiny Tips

You will gain a thorough understanding of Excel’s capabilities during this course by utilizing the effective shortcuts, tips, and tricks covered in this Data Entry certification course. Discover time-saving techniques for quickly constructing formulas, speeding up data entry, and effectively navigating worksheets.

Learn about data & analytics in general as well as drag & drop methods, formatting shortcuts, charting, and PivotTable tricks.

5. Google Sheets Tutorial: Spreadsheets for Beginners

Overview of spreadsheets.

The following are the things you will learn in this online data entry course:

  • simple computations, formatting, and data entering.
  • both absolute and relative cell references.
  • fundamental operations: count min, max, divide, sum, average, median, and concatenate.
  • lookup, if, and, iferror, countif, countifs, averageif, averageifs, sumif, and sumifs are examples of advanced functions.
  • handling message errors.
  • formatting that is conditional.
  • sorting and filtering.
  • simple visualizations to help us see our data.

This course will make use of Google Sheets, a free spreadsheet application available from Google. Having said that, you may use Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs with most of the ideas you learn in this course.

On Coursera, you can enroll in the Google Sheets Tutorial: Spreadsheets for Beginners Certificate Course.

Data Entry Course Online Syllabus:

There are several websites that provide the course. Although the course syllabus may vary, the data entry course will cover the following subjects in general.

Basics of ComputerFunctions in MS Excel
MS word Computer FundamentalsBasics of Word Processing
Operating SystemInput and Output Devices
Creating PresentationFormatting Documents
Optimization of dataBasics of Spreadsheet
Reporting and presentation of dataPreparing to deploy
Validation of data Data analysis.Mail Merge
Data Entry Course

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There are a tonne of online classes that might be helpful while learning data entry.

But keep in mind that these are not all equivalent courses.

When deciding which course to enroll in, there are many things to take into account. These include the course topic, the instructor, the cost, and your own career goals.

Because of this, we think these courses are the best available online for learning data entry, and they also include free trials and certification. We heartily suggest them.


Q.) How can I get free training in data entry?

Ans. Free data entry courses are available on numerous websites. To obtain information from there at a basic to intermediate level, you can enroll in such classes.

Q.) What Course Is Best for a Job in Data Entry?

Ans. There isn’t a particular course that works particularly well for data entry jobs. For data entry, however, any course that can provide you with information from basic to advanced is ideal.

Q.) Which data entry examples are there?

Ans. Here are some instances of data entry jobs that involve inputting accounting records, updating client information, and transcribing.


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