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Data Entry Software, Top 10 Data Entry Software

Data Entry Software:- Businesses use data to inform their next course of action. In the field of business, it serves as the link between two dots. Without it, businesses will linger on presumptions and might commit errors.

Having tools that make data entry less laborious is essential. For this reason, the necessity for data entry specialists is constant. To execute data entry activities efficiently, one must be aware of the current and updated tools.


What is Data Entry Software?

By automating the flow of data across systems, data entry software removes the need for manual data entry.

The most advanced data input software available today can automatically extract data from a document, clean it up, check it, and store it in centralized databases or other systems. More comprehensive data management is made possible by the integrations that the majority of data entry software offers with other programs and resources.

I think this sounds quite promising. What other benefits may utilising data entry software offer, though? Next, let’s talk about it!

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Data Entry Software

Top 10 Data Entry Software

1. nTask

One of the most widely used data entry tools in 2022 is nTask. If your business wants to integrate data entry and project management, this is an excellent tool for management.

Numerous significant features of the n Task tool can enhance data collection, sorting, and accuracy. The risk management component of nTask is also available to organizations. You can now examine every component in your data set. You can properly sort and process data with fewer mistakes thanks to these features.

The primary dashboard and sign-in page of the nTask Tool both have user-friendly interfaces. The program offers numerous ways to display your data, such as Kanban boards and Gantt charts.

A 14-day free trial and further premium memberships are available from nTask to accommodate various business needs.

Key features
  • Team task management
  • Supports Gantt charts
  • Collaboration tools
  • Data import and export support
  • Project management support

2. Infinity

Any organization can utilize Infinity as an additional data entry automation tool for managing its data. There are numerous frameworks and customization options to fit any type of organization. Great features of this software include the ability to label text, files, and data—a capability that is helpful for data management.

Depending on your preferences, you can view your data in Infinity in a variety of ways. Table view, Calendar, Gantt, and both are the four possibilities. You can customize any of these viewing settings to suit your tastes.

Any organization may boost productivity by integrating it with a variety of other tools. Trinity is compatible with integrations like Clockify, Trello, and Zapier. Because users may import data from various tools and arrange it on the platform, these integrations are crucial. Organizations that manually extract data from integrated solutions save time by doing this.

With Infinity’s security safeguards, your data is safe from theft and maintained in confidence. To safeguard your data, Infinity offers data security features. A 265-bit TLS encryption is part of this.

With up to 50GB of storage and other benefits, Infinity provides a one-time payment plan. There are also premium subscription plans available for companies who need more functionality.

Key features

  • Import and Export Support for CSV Files
  • Automatic daily backup
  • Encrypting data
  • Integration with well-known team management platforms such as Trello or Clockify
  • Monitoring data for assistance actions
  • Simple approaches for customizing data viewing
  • Almost every software tool has a user interface that supports drag and drop.

3. Zoho Forms

Your business can also use Zoho Forms, which is another data entry program. With its numerous incredible features, this data entry application can help any organization’s data management.

One of the key characteristics of Zoho Form is its customization tools. They let businesses add themes, colors, and logos to personalize their data. This characteristic offers organizational data more credibility and individuality.

You can receive email notification notifications from Zoho Forms that will keep you updated on any data activities. You can set this feature to not notify you when there are changes to your data. For administrative assistants of all stripes, Zoho Forms is a helpful tool.

To give users a feel for the product before committing money, this program also provides a free trial. You can get premium deals with Zoho Forms by subscribing to their monthly membership plan.

Key features

  • There are email alerts available for changes in data.
  • allows for dashboard drag-and-drop
  • It is possible to alter the tools to match the company’s themes and logo.
  • Team collaboration features
  • Other tools allow for the input and export of data.

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Data Entry Software

4. Foxtrot RPA

Another data input solution that will assist your business in automating data entering is Foxtrot RPA. Businesses can use this product to automate data entry and add an intelligent robot system that can communicate with computers. It can also carry out additional functions including mouse motions and keyboard clicking.

In addition to having a user-friendly interface, this application makes it easier to scrape data and organize it in a way that makes sense to users. You can import Excel data with ease and without any missing fields if you use Foxtrot RPA.

Additionally, you may get a free trial and use the product with any size business. After your free trial, you can continue to use the tool for a monthly fee.

Key features

  • Facilitates the taking of pictures
  • Combine and align your information.
  • There is a comprehensive list of mathematical formulas accessible.
  • Group cooperation
  • This program facilitates data management tasks like data search, cleansing, and retrieval.

5. ProntoForms

For data input software, ProntoForms is a fantastic option if you like cloud-based automation solutions. Any organization can use this application to extract data from a variety of online sources. Users can customize the dashboard and template with this data entry tool to fit their needs.

You may concentrate on more crucial duties by using ProntoForms to automate the process of converting your data into documents that appear professional.

Although there is a monthly payment plan for the software, consumers can begin using it without cost.

Key features

  • Offers the ability to map visually
  • Provides barcode and QR code scanning services for papers.
  • Included were pre-built templates
  • Take pictures
  • Connect with your calendar.

6. Key features

Businesses in the healthcare sector are the ideal candidates for this data entry solution. Entrypoint automates image capture, form checking, data transfer, verification detection, and form checking.

You can export data from this program in XML, CSV, and PDF formats as well. Enterprise, Advanced, and Essentials are the three price tiers that are accessible. Compared to the Essentials or Advanced plans, the Enterprise plan is more costly. You must get a quote to use it.

Key features

  • Provides data validation and collection
  • Simple data duplication detection
  • Take pictures with assistance
  • Finds incorrect data variations

7. Entrypoint

Businesses in the healthcare sector are the ideal candidates for this data entry solution. By automating data transfer and verification, verification detection, form checking, picture taking, and form checking, Entrypoint packages data processing tasks.

You can export data from this program in XML, CSV, and PDF formats as well. Enterprise, Advanced, and Essentials are the three price tiers that are accessible. Compared to the Essentials or Advanced plans, the Enterprise plan is more costly. You must get a quote to use it.

Key features

  • Provides data validation and collection
  • Simple data duplication detection
  • Take pictures with assistance
  • Appropriate data variation was found.

8. Typeform

Because it prioritizes the user experience, Typeform is another feature-rich data entry automation that has grown significantly in popularity over time. Any type of business can use it, and it interacts easily with other well-known applications like Google Sheets, Mailchimp, and SalesForce. Users can also automate data processing tasks by utilizing automation tools. You can design custom fields with Typeform to meet your specific business requirements.

There’s a limited-feature free subscription if you wish to use all the software offers. Another choice is to use a monthly payment schedule.

Key features

  • Permits the inclusion of custom fields
  • Provides resources for managing surveys
  • Notifications of modifications to the data
  • Allows for integrations with external parties
  • It is simple to export and import data from various sources.

9. Fluix

The data entry tool Fluix software will assist your business with data collection, organization, and security. Fluix is a data management solution that can assist businesses in automating the gathering and distribution of data.

This solution improves data management by integrating easily with well-known programs like PowerBI and Tableau. Depending on your company’s demands, you can utilize this tool for free or subscribe to their monthly plan.

Key features

  • Barcodes can be scanned by users.
  • With the form builder, you may design unique forms.
  • It is feasible to extract data.
  • Available API Integrations
  • automated reporting of data-related actions

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Data Entry Software

10. Conexiom

The greatest data entry program that works with several formats, including PDF, HTML, PCL, and CVV, is Conexiom. This cloud-based application can create data forms from emails, sales, and other reports. Moreover, it offers inventory software, third-party collaboration, and other productivity-boosting tools.

To learn more about the tool, schedule a demo or get in touch with the team to learn about costs.

Key features

  • Facilitates precise data extraction
  • Create structured data from digital documents based on your preferences.
  • Options for customized setups to satisfy your needs
  • Outstanding clarity regarding your data
  • Supported image scanning


It’s not always necessary to take a lot of time or expertise to work with data. It most definitely doesn’t need to consume a lot of your staff’s time or financial resources.

The answer to the question of whether it is possible to automate data entry is in the affirmative. It is possible to completely remove the need for manual data entering by using advanced data entry software.

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