Data Entry Specialist Salary

Data Entry Specialist Salary, How Much Should Businesses Pay A Candidate?

Data Entry Specialist Salary:- A flawless data specialist feeds data quickly and accurately. A data entry operator’s keen eye for detail gets them through their workdays and is only one of many traits that make them experts in their field. They continue to labor to fulfill the high standards. Their proficiency with computers and database management might distinguish them from other administrative specialists. Are these the qualities that you’re seeking? The individual you want is a data entry professional, then. On the other hand, their pay may help you decide whether or not to hire them. Tell me what you can do to address that.

These duties must currently be completed in an orderly manner for any other firm to compete. For the entire company to get access to these numbers for use in work, offices must assign team members to data jobs. Let’s examine the qualities that employers look for in a data entry specialist and how they determine compensation.


Who Is A Data Entry Specialist?

Depending on expertise level, data entry job functions can differ significantly. A junior or entry-level data specialist, for instance, enters data into databases precisely and promptly. Receiving and processing orders from customers into the tracking system is another aspect of this position.

Senior levels may have more responsibilities. They finish the information analysis for reports and projects and give priority to batch data entering information. The senior data entry specialist should also possess technical expertise and the ability to manage and develop employees while handling large amounts of data.

Senior and junior specialists should possess strong Microsoft Office skills, particularly in Word and Excel, in addition to their experience. Since time is a crucial element in productivity, most companies seek candidates who can type quickly. You should be aware as a company that you require a fast typing speed.

Data Entry Specialist Salary

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Data Entry Specialist Description

Ensuring the integrity of the entered data and accurately completing data entry activities are the responsibilities of data entry specialists. They are very good at typing, have a keen eye for detail, and are knowledgeable about data management tools and software.

Experts in spreadsheets, databases, and other data entry tools are considered data entry specialists. Among a data entry specialist’s primary duties could be:

Data Input and Verification

Experts in data entry precisely and quickly insert information into databases or software programs. They do this by checking the data for quality, consistency, and completeness to make sure the information is accurate.

Data Cleansing and Formatting

Data entry specialists eliminate errors, duplication, and inconsistencies in data by cleaning and formatting it. To preserve data integrity, they standardize data formats, implement data validation guidelines, and fix any errors.

Data Organization and Management

Data entry experts logically arrange and classify data to make it easier to retrieve and analyze. To make sure that data is easily available and properly organized, they develop and manage databases, input forms, and data storage systems.

Quality Control and Data Auditing

Maintaining data integrity is a top priority for data entry specialists. In addition to their primary duties, they thoroughly verify the accuracy and consistency of entered data through quality checks.

They also carry out thorough data audits, painstakingly confirming the data’s correctness, consistency, and completeness. You may rely on them to provide dependable and credible statistics for your company’s requirements.

Timely Data Entry and Deadlines

Timely data entry and meeting deadlines are the responsibilities of data entry specialists. They efficiently manage their time and assign work according to priority to stay productive.

Job Duties Of A Data Entry Specialist

When processing or recording data, a data entry specialist enters information into computers. Most of the time, the labor can be tedious, but accuracy is essential because the data is used for regular business operations. Experts in data entry are useful in a variety of contexts, such as processing patient records for sizable clinics or medical facilities, updating product information for online retailers, and working with claimants’ cover information and new applications. Data entry professionals frequently use PCs to enter and update data into spreadsheets, branded browsers, and forms. Owing to the nature of the task, most companies provide set breaks to employees because of issues including headaches, fatigued eyes, hand injuries, repetitive forearm strains, and regular complaints from staff members in these positions.

Most professionals in data entry should hold a high school degree or its equivalent. For some roles, a company may require postsecondary work training.

Most often, businesses recruit data specialists on a part- or full-time basis. A significant entry-level role for professionals interested in a career in records office administration and specialization is this flexibility. Data entry experts frequently receive bonuses from their employers based on their accuracy and speed. Experts in data input typically operate on big office floors with a variety of computer terminals during regular business hours.

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Data Entry Specialist Salary

Salary Of A Data Entry Specialist

The pay for data entry specialists is contingent upon experience level and job responsibilities, as per many sources.

In the US, the average salary for a data entry specialist is $53,579. The average bonus for a data entry expert is approximately $459, which represents 15% of their overall compensation. Of those, 100% say they receive an annual bonus. With an average salary of 53%, data entry specialists in Chicago earn the highest salary in the country, approximately $81,751.

In the US, data entry specialists make between $20,030 and $129,700 a year, with a median pay of $37,009. The salary range for the middle 57% of data entry specialists is $37,097 to $64,550. Lastly, the top 86% of data entry professionals earn approximately $129,700.

How Much Earning Is Taxed For Data Entry Experts

The data entry specialist’s 2018 average federal tax liability, as a taxpayer in that specific wage band, is 22%. The data entry specialist receives a take-home pay of around $45,852 annually after deducting the 22% national tax rate, with each pay period totaling approximately $1,911.

Varying Pay Based On Work Experience

To receive the average salary of $14.73 (plus bonus, overtime, and gratuities), an entry-level data specialist with less than a year of experience should speak with an expert. Depending on 560 wages, an early specialist with up to 4 years of experience makes a total of about $15.50. After analyzing 204 salaries, the mid-career data entry specialist with up to 5 to 9 years of work experience can make the full payout of $15.92.

Based on 159 salaries, a data entry specialist with 10 to 19 years of work experience makes $15.98. The candidate can expect to make $17 per hour on average in their late career, which spans around 20 years.

Data Entry Specialists’ Highest And Lowest Salary

In New York, the average job title for workers with data entry experts is 28.0% higher than the average for the entire country. Additionally, Los Angeles, California (16.95% or more) and San Diego (15.1% more) pay more for these occupational titles. Houston, Texas (2.4% less) and Tampa, Florida (8.3% less) are the states with the lowest pay for data specialists.

Data Entry Specialist Salary

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Businesses can determine whether to pay data entry operators high or low compensation by using these pay ranges and variations. Information about the salary scale is dependent on several factors, including geography, budget, and experience. Companies can also speak with HRMB Associates LLC’s industry-leading specialists to find out more about data entry specialist salaries. Our extensive clientele, which includes people from all over the world, speaks for itself. We assist businesses of all shapes and sizes in finding the best answers for recruiting, filing taxes, and business advising. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a job, keep an eye on our blog sections to find out how much money is appropriate for a certain role that will help your company expand.


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