Data Entry Work Your Own Hours

Data Entry Work Your Own Hours, 10 Jobs That Let You Make Your Own Schedule

Data Entry Work Your Own Hours:- Have you ever wished you could have more say over when you work? How about total command? One of the most popular forms of flexible work arrangements is a flexible schedule, second only to full-time remote work, according to a 2019 FlexJobs study of over 7,000 workers.

FlexJobs has selected 10 occupations that normally allow you to establish your own hours to highlight the variety of positions where job seekers can have control over their work schedule.

For what reason would you want a job that allows you to set your own hours? Perhaps you need flexibility to transport your loved one to appointments for medical care because you are their carer. Alternatively, you could be raising both your parents and your children while living right in the heart of the sandwich generation. To obtain that degree and further your job, you may even be a full-time student. Maybe all you want is a job in the morning.

You’re not alone, no matter what the cause! An increasing number of people are leaving rigid employment quickly. According to our survey, the percentage of workers departing their jobs due to flexibility concerns virtually doubled from 17% in 2014 to 30% in 2019.

Here are ten jobs that you can start with if you’re searching for one that allows you to choose your own hours!


10 Flexible Jobs That Let You Make Your Own Schedule


Through consultants, people can help others improve their lives and company processes by sharing their knowledge and experience. To identify the root of any issues and offer guidance or coaching, they frequently use instruments like job shadowing, surveys, and interpersonal studies. Often employed as independent contractors or on a project-by-project basis, consultants are allowed to set their own schedules.

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Data Entry Work Your Own Hours

Data Entry

By guaranteeing the seamless and effective processing of substantial volumes of information and data, data entry specialists play a crucial role in organizations. Data entry jobs entail entering information into a secure file system or computer system. Data entry employees frequently have the freedom to choose their own hours and work whenever it works best for them because the job is independent.


Editors and proofreaders possess an excellent sense of spelling, punctuation, and detail. They strive to make writing better and provide authors with criticism. Jobs for editors and proofreaders frequently offer flexible schedules that allow them to work from anywhere as long as they meet deadlines.

Graphic Designer

Whether for digital or print media, graphic designers produce visual designs. A graphic designer may create books, brochures, reports, ads, magazine layouts, logos, and more. Due to the freelance nature of graphic design work, schedule flexibility is common.

Medical Coder

Healthcare practitioners, including doctors and dentists, benefit from the assistance of medical coders in obtaining payment from insurance companies for the services provided to patients. Medical coders categorize illnesses and treatments using a national classification system before assigning a code to each. In this role, a home office and flexible schedule are typical.


Tutors and teachers work one-on-one or in classroom environments with students. It is frequently necessary to have knowledge or certification in a certain field. Teachers and tutors in remote jobs can often log in and start helping when it’s most convenient for them.


Typing what they hear while listening to recorded audio is a requirement for transcription jobs. Transcriptionists must be fast-typing and able to quickly transcribe enormous volumes of words. Home-based transcription jobs are in high demand and can offer flexible schedules.


Bilingual or multilingual people who can translate from one language to another are known as translators. Since many of these jobs require interpreting textual or visual content, working from home and on your schedule is convenient.

Web Developer

Web developers design the layout of websites and incorporate graphics, software, and other elements. Two frequently used computer languages are HTML and JavaScript. Like the majority of computer and IT employment, developer jobs are frequently remote jobs, and there are plenty of roles that allow you to work from home.


Writers use written language to convey thoughts. Among the various projects that writers work on are news stories, blogs, newspapers, advertising copy, books, etc. There are lots of remote and freelance work alternatives in the very flexible field of writing. Writers can work on any schedule, although they typically have deadlines to meet.

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Data Entry Work Your Own Hours

Locating Jobs That Allow You to Adjust Your Schedules

Use our sophisticated search features to find “create your own schedule jobs” in the FlexJobs database. These choices provide a useful summary of search parameters to consider and apply in your quest for flexible work hours.

First, options like “Flexible Schedule” and “Occasional” are available in the advanced search options’ “Work Schedule” drop-down menu. It’s probable that some of these positions still require set hours.

Using the “Keywords” section (with the “Exact phrase” box ticked) is an additional option. Try looking for words like these:

  • Set your hours
  • Make your schedule
  • No set hours
  • Work any hours
  • Work as much or as little

Naturally, every work will manage tracking and scheduling hours differently, so before applying, thoroughly read through any job description you come across to see what flexibility is offered.

Data Entry Clerk Skills

Although the qualifications for data entry clerk positions aren’t as strict or high-tech as those of some other work-from-home jobs, you still need to meet them.

Although there is much potential for advancement, data entry professionals can make great money even with entry-level abilities!

Computer Skills

For data entry jobs, you will require a basic understanding of computers and the ability to access any documents that are assigned to you.

The most common formats—Google Docs, Google Sheets, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.—will likely require some familiarity with them.

Make sure you carefully study the job advertisements as a data entry clerk, since you might need to have additional understanding of certain programs.

And don’t forget that SkillShare offers classes that teach you how to utilize any kind of program!

Typing Skills

Many job sites demand you to have certain typing abilities, such as being a quick and accurate typer and being able to type a specified number of words per minute, for data entry.

Websites such as and allow you to practice typing and assess your level of proficiency.

Organizational Skills

When you are employed as a data entry worker, you will arrange tasks that require organization.

Since you have to manage your own time and make sure you can meet all of your deadlines, it calls for a high level of organization.

Additionally, organizing data makes sense—you’re organizing the given information—when you perform data entry!

To provide your clients with the clear images they require to make the most of their data, you must be able to organize data into a more usable format.

Good Communication

Effective communication is one of the best skills you can offer any employer.

This will be the key to opening a lot of doors in your career, whether you work from home performing data entry or in other remote employment.

Make sure to get in touch with someone as soon as possible, ideally within 24 hours, if you have any questions or need further explanation to complete the task.

More Jobs With Flexible Hours

You may be guaranteed to find a flexible schedule job that suits your needs because FlexJobs updates its flexible job listings daily. In addition to browsing our list of flexible schedule jobs, as previously indicated, you can utilize our advanced search features to help you locate the ideal schedule.

Data Entry Work Your Own Hours

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You’ll need to be able to handle a lot of repetition and, to be honest, it might get monotonous at times if you work from home data entry jobs.

If you’re searching for a low-barrier-to-entry work-from-home position, this is an excellent location to start your career since it allows you to build your confidence.

We strongly advise you to register on FlexJobs, the greatest place to locate remote employment, and explore your alternatives for work-from-home jobs, including data entry positions!

There are plenty of other work-from-home opportunities available, as well as other sources of income like survey websites.


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