Data Scientist Salary Entry-Level

Data Scientist Salary Entry-Level, Data Scientist Salary in India in 2024

Data Scientist Salary Entry-Level:- The compensation range for a data scientist in India is 9 to 19 lakhs, contingent on experience, skill set, and geography.

Numerical values, digital information, etc. are all considered forms of data. Data is the compilation of facts and figures. It also includes assumed or known data that are useful in determining a product’s next steps.

For instance, when you play a video on YouTube, the content you enter into the search field, the video you’ve chosen to play, and the duration of the video all represent data. All you do on the internet, through any device, on any website, is essentially data.

Data is highly important these days. It aids in a company’s or business’s development. However, to do that, one requires access to a data scientist who is knowledgeable in data science and data analysis.


What is data science?

Data science is the study of data analysis, information collection, information purification, information processing, and the extraction of necessary and practical outputs.
These outputs include fresh perspectives and original ideas that might aid in the growth of an organization or business. Data science is essential to IT companies.

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Data Scientist Salary Entry-Level

Average Data Scientist Salary in India

Let’s begin by discussing the typical compensation of a data scientist in India. In this manner, you can have a rough notion of the kind of compensation package you should anticipate when you begin your job search for a data scientist position in India.

Per Hour₹476
Per Day₹6,584
Per Week₹19,804
Per Month₹76,636
Per Year₹11,08,597
  • In India, a data scientist typically makes ₹11,08,5597 annually.
  • PayScale estimates that the entry-level data scientist pay in India is around ₹5,90,840 annually.
  • However, your annual pay might reach ₹19,44,566 based on your region, experience, and employer.

As we shall go into more detail in the following section, numerous aspects affect your compensation as a data scientist in India. Many elements determine your compensation as a data scientist in India; we will go into more detail about these in the next section.

Data Scientist Salary Entry-Level in India- Deciding Factors

A few things influence the compensation of a data scientist in India. Of course, the most important factor is your actual work experience. However, more variables impact the pay of a data scientist in India, such as location, the organization you work for, job positions, and abilities.

Based on Experience

When determining the remuneration for data science jobs in India, experience plays a significant role. PayScale reports that the average income for a fresher data scientist in India with less than a year of experience is approximately ₹5,77,893. The average compensation for an individual with 1-4 years of experience is around ₹8,09,952. The yearly salary of a mid-career data scientist might reach ₹14,48,144 with 5–9 years of experience. Additionally, in India, an individual with 1-019 years of experience in the area can expect to get an average yearly pay of up to 19,44,566.

ExperienceAverage Salary Per Year (Source: Payscale)
less than one year₹5,77,893
1-4 years₹8,09,952
5-9 years₹14,48,144
10-15 years₹19,44,566
15 Years & above 25,61,000

Based on Skills

The factors that affect your data science pay in India also include your level of expertise in the subject. Your chances of earning more money in the field will rise as you acquire more diverse skill sets. For those with varying IT skill sets, the beginning wage for a data scientist in India is also greater. Having a résumé that sticks out will draw the attention of recruiters. You can increase your chances of receiving higher pay by having skills like Big Data Analytics, Python, Machine Learning, and Statistical Analysis. To improve the impact of your CV, consider enrolling in data science training programs like the Data Science Certification.

Gaining more expertise in data science can increase your chances of earning more money. Your typical pay, for instance, might increase to ₹9,17,694 if you study ML, and to ₹8,86,948 if you learn Python.

Based on Companies

Many organizations in India often recruit data scientists, however, these individuals typically hold varied jobs in the company. Your pay will vary depending on the role you land at one of these businesses. Data scientists in India receive varying yearly wages from other companies as well. Before accepting a job offer, you can always find out how much a data scientist in India makes per month or year at other firms.

Based on Location

Your location plays a significant role in determining your data science job compensation in India. India has a lot of big cities that employ data scientists, but their pay packages vary. As per PayScale, the mean income of a data scientist in Mumbai is approximately ₹8,61,357, while in Bangalore, it is approximately ₹10,11,972. We shall talk about the various pay depending on location later in the post.

Data Scientist Salary Entry-Level

Top 10 Data Scientists Hiring Companies and Their Salaries in India

Data Scientists Hiring CompaniesAverage Salary Per Annum 
Amazon and AWS₹13,00,000

Top Company Salaries in India: Based on Experience

Company Name    Annual Salary (Data Scientist)   
TCS   2-9 years of experience    Ranges between ₹ 4.4L and ₹ 15.0L with an average of ₹ 7.5L per annum.  
Cognizant  2-10 years of experience    Ranges between ₹ 4.8L and ₹ 17.0L with an average of ₹ 9.5L per annum.  
Capgemini  2-8 years of experience   Ranges between ₹ 4.8L and ₹ 14.6L with an average of ₹ 8.6L per annum.  
Infosys  2-7 years of experience    Ranges between ₹ 4.5L and ₹ 21.0L with an average of ₹ 8.8L per annum.  

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Data Scientist Salary Entry-Level in Top 10 Industries

Your monthly data scientist salary in India may vary significantly depending on the industry you work in. I’ve listed the top industries for data science careers below, along with an estimate of the average yearly salary in each.

Top Industries in IndiaAverage Salary Per Annum
RetailOne of India’s biggest retail companies- Flipkart, gives its data scientists an annual compensation of about ₹14,24,311 on average.
HealthcareThe average salary of a data scientist in OptumHealth, one of India’s leading healthcare companies, is about ₹5,73,913.
LogisticsThe average range of data scientist salaries in XPO Logistics is about ₹16,24,673 – ₹22,05,048
FinanceThe average salary of a data scientist in a leading finance company like Bajaj Finance in India is about ₹4-6 lakh.
TelecommunicationOne of the leading telecommunications companies in India, Vodafone pays an average of ₹11,50,000 to its data scientists.
AutomotiveThe average annual pay of a data scientist in one of the leading automotive companies in India, Tata Motors, is about ₹12,67,125.
Digital MarketingIn the US, the annual salary for a marketing data scientist is about ₹72,27,026.
Professional ServicesThe average data scientist salary in Tata Consultancy, one of India’s leading professional services companies, is about ₹9,00,000.
Cyber SecurityCyber Security company Quick Heal pays their senior data scientists around ₹19-21 lakh per annum.
Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas ExtractionThe estimated pay for a data scientist with 5-6 years of experience in Indian Oil is about ₹19,50,000.

Data Scientist Salary Entry-Level Based on Job Role in India

Different employment roles and duties are associated with data science positions. This detailed guide will give you an idea of the kind of work and compensation you may anticipate in India when you work in any of these industries.

1. Data Analyst

  • India’s Average Salary Range for Data Analysts: The average pay for data analysts in India is around ₹4,78,442. The starting wage ranges from approximately ₹3,82,956 to ₹15,00,000.
  • Data analyst duties include: A data analyst’s primary duty is to use data to answer business challenges for an organization. They gather, organize, and evaluate data, drawing significant conclusions from them and sharing them with management and other stakeholders in the business.
  • Essential Data Analyst Skills: A data analyst must possess a strong foundation in statistical analysis, data analysis, communication, and other related areas.

2. Data Scientist

  • Average Base Pay for Data Scientists in India: The base pay for data scientists in India is an average of ₹8,74,528. In India, the starting salary for a data scientist is around ₹5,77,893. In India, the maximum pay for a data scientist is approximately ₹19,44,566.
  • The duties of a data scientist include: Data scientists must use their statistical, analytical, and programming abilities to gather vast amounts of data from several sources. It is their responsibility to use this data to provide the organization with solutions as needed. They are responsible for searching for data, processing and cleaning it, applying machine learning to categorize and organize it, evaluating the information to find a solution, and presenting it to the business and customers.
  • Essential Data Scientist Proficiency: A few of the abilities required of a data scientist are ML, Programming, Math Statistics, etc.

3. Data Engineer

  • Average Annual Compensation for Data Engineers in India: The average compensation for data engineers in India is approximately ₹8,71,312. With experience, the starting pay might be up to ₹19,21,618. It is around ₹447,890.
  • Responsibilities: Responsibilities of a data engineer A data engineer’s responsibility is to gather, clean up, organize, and transform unstructured and raw data into useful information that data scientists and analysts can use. In addition to conducting research, they have to work on data architecture and gather and clean data from various sources.
  • Essential Data Engineer Competencies: SQL, data architecture, coding, OS, and other related abilities are essential for a data engineer.
Data Scientist Salary Entry-Level

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I hope you found this post to be beneficial. Data scientists have very appealing job descriptions and salaries. If you think you’re ready and have the drive to become a data scientist, now is the moment. You might also consider enrolling in relevant data science courses, depending on your level of experience and aptitude, to get a start in the field. There are lots of opportunities, and the market needs skilled workers. Participate in KnowledgeHut’s top Data Science Certification program to gain expertise from industry professionals in a variety of programming languages and technologies, and learn how to solve challenging Data Science problems.

FAQs On Data Scientist Salary Entry-Level

Q.) Is it challenging to work as a data scientist?

Ans. Expertise in machine learning, programming, statistics, and mathematics is essential for data scientists. Becoming a data scientist might be challenging at times, but it is manageable with the correct training.

Q.) Can I finish learning data science in a month?

Ans. Learning data science takes more than a month, even if you are well-versed in all the associated subjects.

Q.) With data science, where should I begin?

Ans. Online training courses and independent research on the topic are good places to start learning data science.


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