Entry Level Data Entry Jobs

Entry-Level Data Entry Jobs, 5 Entry-Level Data Entry Jobs For Every Preference

Entry Level Data Entry Jobs:-  Job titles involving electronic data entry are typically associated with data entry. Requirements for entry-level data entry positions frequently entail adding, modifying, and checking this data. These are frequently remote employment. Often, the only skills needed are the capacity to work from home, type fast, and adhere to directions.


Entry-level job definition

An entry-level position in a corporation is one that often does not require a higher degree of education, training, or experience. Recent graduates frequently occupy it, and it provides them with the chance to grow professionally and learn new things. Usually, the employer offers training for entry-level positions.

How Did COVID-19 Affect Data Entry Jobs?

The impact of COVID-19 on entry-level data entry jobs was significant. Generally speaking, lockdowns that caused widespread unemployment and restricted access for regular workers also created a large number of temporary jobs. Entry-level data entry occupations have expanded, partly due to the growing necessity to manage COVID-19 data input.

There are several reasons to think that remote data entry tasks will remain crucial for some time to come, including the possibility that COVID will continue to demand a significant volume of data entry in challenging circumstances.

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Entry Level Data Entry Jobs

What are Entry-Level Jobs?

To different people, entry-level work can signify different things. But generally speaking, they serve as a means for novice professionals to obtain experience and become familiar with the working environment.

Additionally, they give newly graduated employees or those beginning over the opportunity to gain experience before pursuing more senior roles.

Beginner positions are another term for entry-level employment. An entry-level employee usually picks up fundamental skills and completes repetitive jobs to build experience in preparation for more sophisticated employment.

While many firms today recruit young people may desire it, most entry-level jobs do not require one.

What Kinds of Jobs Are Entry-Level?

The modern economy offers a wide variety of entry-level employment opportunities.

A wide range of industries, including manufacturing, logistics and transportation, social services and health care, and retail sales, offer entry-level positions.

People can progressively expand their experience and skill set by choosing certain employment possibilities. Others give the required financial security but offer fewer growth opportunities.

The majority of entry-level jobs provide some kind of on-the-job training. Through this training, new hires can gain valuable work experience and quickly pick up critical job skills.

Make sure the entry-level position you choose will allow you to grow and is something you feel comfortable doing.

Types of Data Entry Jobs

There are several categories for entry-level data entry jobs. Here are a few illustrations. At first, no specific experience is required, but the following remote data entry jobs might require you to have certain talents.

  • Transcription: A lot of people need to type up their audio recordings into a written format. For this work, you must have good hearing and be able to type as quickly as possible. With more training, you might be able to advance from an entry-level position into a specialty like legal or medical transcribing.
  • Micro Jobs: These are positions that frequently require entering data repeatedly. It could be necessary for you to fill out quick activities like captioning movies or entering data into captcha boxes. They frequently pay poorly, so you have to work hard to get any money at all.
  • Keyer- A keyer is a person who fills out forms after gathering personal information about them. It could entail entering payroll information into forms, entering product names into a catalog, or entering customer information into CRM, CDP, or other software programs. Need to be proficient at precisely finding and entering data.
  • Conversion: Transforming one kind of data into another is a typical form of data entry work. For instance, you could have to begin with a picture that features words. Since automatic conversion is not a feasible option, you will need to read the content and then record it in a document. The content occasionally uses technical terms like medical jargon. You must possess the ability to work fast and copy text accurately.
  • Surveys and Other Activities: If you visit the appropriate websites, you can earn money by completing online surveys. For this kind of work, it’s very crucial to follow minute instructions.

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Entry Level Data Entry Jobs

Businesses Hiring Data Entry Workers


This job from Lionbridge is one possibility for entry-level data scientist-type positions. While evaluations indicate that it’s a good side gig, it does have the drawback of being low-paying. You could, at the very least, temporarily recreate the money required for bills if you accumulate enough side gigs. These days, a lot of people are acting in just that manner.

Your work as an artificial intelligence developer would involve rating chatbots, virtual assistants, search engines, and more. You can also digitize written documents and transcribe photos. You might occasionally be rating or entering geographic information from maps. This does have the benefit of being somewhat flexible and laid back.


Aerotek offers customer service data entry positions that pay $15 per hour. Unlike Lionbridge, this is more of a full-time position with little room for flexibility. You must be able to communicate with others and provide phone support. They will be depending on you to help them locate documents and fill out forms. But considering the circumstances, $15 per hour is going to be a decent wage for a lot of folks these days. If you want to replace your prior employment as much as possible, this is a fantastic option.

Mechanical Turk

Another kind of microjob is Mechanical Turk. Each set of jobs pays very little, but if you can identify some good ones and become proficient at them quickly, you might be able to turn a profit as a side gig. Your request might include taking on a few side gigs in an attempt to match them with a more stable part-time job—such as a transcriptionist, for example.

You will require an Amazon account for Mechanical Turk to function properly. It is also beneficial to associate with like-minded individuals, for example, on Reddit, where there is a Mechanical Turk forum with suggested Turk jobs, or HITs. Yes, it’s flexible and remote work, but you won’t be able to do it like a conventional job on its own. It can involve a lot of CAPTCHA labor, picture recognition, survey participation, and other small activities. Tests are required to be eligible for jobs.

Transcribe Me!

This transcription work is entry-level and quite typical. You have to be concerned about instances of “cross-talk,” in which multiple people speak at once. It’s possible that you won’t be able to identify who said what, so you’ll need to transcribe this specifically. Put another way, there are frequently guidelines you must follow to perform your work correctly. Here, $15 is your hourly wage for recorded audio. With this employment, you have the freedom to select the projects you want to work on.


As part of your work, you will be reviewing client data regarding unemployment insurance claims to ensure accurate data entry. The wage range is $10 to $13 per hour. This may be a full-time position with perks. Reviews on websites like GlassDoor are generally positive.

Entry Level Data Entry Jobs

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FAQs On Entry-Level Data Entry Jobs

Q.) How can you still construct a strong resume without any prior work experience?

Ans. If a potential employer can easily see why you would be a good fit for the post, even without work experience, your CV can still make a strong impression.

Organize your resume in an easy-to-read format using keywords that will demonstrate your qualifications.

Q.) What should you anticipate from a job at entry level?

Ans. There are several opportunities for learning and growth in a junior position. You can anticipate working flexible hours, earning money, developing new skills, and having the opportunity to progress in your career.

Q.) In what ways may a CV utilize your education as experience?

Ans. By providing concrete instances of your educational experiences on your resume, you can use your degree as experience.

If you have never held the position, this will demonstrate to prospective employers that you possess the knowledge and abilities required to perform it.

Q.) What amount of experience is required for entry-level positions?

Ans. Depending on the role, different minimal experiences may be required for entry-level positions. However, three years of experience in the field in question is usually required.


In any industry, experience is essential for success. It’s common to stigmatize entry-level positions as not requiring the required experience. In actuality, though, entry-level positions typically call for greater experience.

To succeed in an entry-level role, you must possess the flexibility and short learning curve. As such, you need to think about the kind of experience you need and the experience you can acquire quickly to obtain the proper employment.

Experience has historically been necessary for entry-level positions to demonstrate a candidate’s qualifications and ability.

This is a result of their desire to make sure the candidate they recruit is a suitable fit for both the position and the business.

Generally speaking, entry-level positions require less experience than higher-level positions, although they still require some training or experience.


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