Free Data Entry Course

Free Data Entry Course, 10 Best Free Online Data Entry Courses and Certificates

Free Data Entry Course:- It can be difficult to find employment. Gaining a degree requires a lot of work, and finding employment can take time. But did you know about this field that’s accessible to nearly anyone? We are discussing the career of a data entry professional.

To work in the data entry industry, you don’t need a specific degree. On the other hand, you do need to pick up some fundamental skills like data handling, Microsoft, and typing. A free data entry course is an easy way to learn these skills online.

If you’re ready to learn and start your career as a data entry operator, go ahead and read on.

Ten online data entry courses that will get you ready for the newest jobs are listed in this article.


Free Online Courses and Certificates to Consider

1. Basics of Touch Typing [Alison]

Enrolling in this course on the “Basics of Touch Typing” will teach a novice data entry beginner the fundamentals. Easily available from any device, this free course lasts for about three hours. You will become accustomed to the keyboard and develop a respectable typing speed with this training.

Additionally, it will improve your CPD Accreditation, and when the course is finished, a certificate will be sent to you. Enrol in Alison’s data entry course right away if you have no idea where to start but still want to learn!

Topics Covered:
  • Learning to match the key with the designated finger
  • Correct sitting posture while typing
  • Improvement in touch typing speed

Duration – 3 hours

Facilitator – Apex Learning

Skill Level – Beginner

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2. MS Excel – From 0 to Working Professional in 1 hour [Udemy]

A data entry job requires the use of Excel. You will gain the most understanding in the shortest amount of time with this one-hour MS Excel – From 0 to Working Professional course. When it comes to novice programs, the Udemy course has received over 77,000 ratings from students who took it.

Jason Zhang, who teaches the course and offers effective Excel techniques, has worked as a finance analyst for Fortune 500 firms. He thinks that in order to become an expert with Excel, one must practise. In order to make MS Excel easier for beginners to understand, this data entry course offers structured lectures.

Topics Covered:
  • Basics of Excel
  • Formulas in Excel to calculate, autofill, and give relative-absolute reference
  • Understanding the use of each function
  • Execution of Excel functions like group-freeze panes, filters, conditional formatting, and more

Duration – 43 minutes

Facilitator – Jason Zhang

Skill Level – Beginner

3. Domestic Data Entry Operator Course [Coursera]

Learn about the field of data entry with this free course from the Government of India, provided by eSkillIndia. The best aspect is that enrollment does not require any prior knowledge or experience. Through this course, anyone who has finished their education up to the ninth or tenth grade can also learn.

This 20-hour course is available online in the form of self-paced video lectures. After completing this data entry course successfully, opportunities in the IT-ITES sector may become available. For comparable free online data entry courses, check out eSkillIndia.

Topics Covered:
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a Data Entry Operator
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Information security and client confidentiality
  • Work ethics and code of conduct

Duration – 20 hours

Facilitator – Unifiers Social Ventures Pvt Ltd.

Skill Level – Beginner

4. Work Smarter with Microsoft Excel [Coursera]

Microsoft offers a free online data entry course called Work Smarter with Microsoft Excel. One must have a fundamental understanding of operating window-based computers in order to take this course. Microsoft executives who have years of experience share their knowledge and ideas.

Over 57,000 students have completed this course, earning a rating of 4.7. You will be able to work with Excel and create worksheets and charts as needed once you have finished. The course gains considerably more credibility and value after coming from Microsoft.

Topics Covered:
  • Organizing and Visualizing data in Excel
  • Hands-on practice with Excel
  • Advanced Excel functions

Duration – 20 hours

Facilitator – Microsoft

Skill Level – Beginner to Intermediate

5. Microsoft Office Access 2013 Advanced [Alison]

An additional platform for data entry jobs is Microsoft Office Access. Access is better at maintaining the data, but Excel excels at data analysis. The advanced capabilities of Microsoft Office Access 2013 are taught in this course. The advanced ability to gather, arrange, and extract the required data is refined in this brief 4-hour session.

This course requires a basic understanding of Microsoft Access 2013, and over 4000 students have chosen to enroll in it. Freshmen should master the fundamentals before enrolling in this advanced course.

Topics Covered:
  • Implementing Advanced form design
  • Using Data Validation
  • Using Macros in the improvement of interface design
  • Using advanced database management
  • Distributing and securing a database
  • Managing switchboards

Duration – 4 hours

Facilitator – Workforce Academy Partnership

Skill Level – Intermediate to Advanced

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Free Data Entry Course

6. Exploring data entry, editing, and autofill [LinkedIn learning]

LinkedIn offers this excellent course, “Exploring data entry, editing, and autofill,” as part of their Excel Essential course. This course is available to you as part of the free trial for a month. They also provide exercise files so you may practice in addition to learning. This course covers everything, including the methods for managing data.

In two to three hours, this session may turn novices into experts. You ought to take Dennis Taylor’s online course if you wish to become a better data entry specialist.

Topics Covered:
  • Entering data
  • Understanding formulas and features
  • Formatting in Excel
  • Adjusting worksheet layout and data
  • Adjusting page layout and printing
  • Charts
  • Learning Data management features

Duration – 2 hours 22 minutes

Facilitator – Dennis Taylor

Skill Level – Beginner to Intermediate

7. Create a Fully Automated Form in Excel Using Simple Easy to Learn Formulas [SkillShare]

A data entry operator’s duties include creating and utilizing forms. The creation of automated forms in Excel is the primary emphasis of this data entry course. This training is available on Skillshare from seasoned expert Sanjay Sharma. This course is available to learn via the Skillshare platform’s free trial.

You will become an expert in the process of generating an automated form in Excel after just 44 minutes of instruction. After you successfully finish, they provide you with a practical project that allows you to experience the entire procedure.

Topics Covered:
  • Setting up a form
  • Creating Radio buttons
  • Creating a Drop Download List and checking the correctness of the form
  • Creating a submit and clear button
  • Saving form data in the database

Duration – 44 minutes

Facilitator – Sanjay Sharma

Skill Level – Intermediate to Advanced

8. Excel for Everyone: Core Foundations [edX]

This course is provided by University of British Columbia instructor Ricardo Trujeque via self-paced video lectures. The fundamentals of Excel are covered in this free course. This course’s free version has a time limit on access. So as you start, remember to stay disciplined.

Making you an Excel specialist will need a long-term commitment to this training. Data entry workers and other professionals wishing to advance their careers will find it ideal.

Topics Covered:
  • Excel fundamentals
  • Data entry and editing using formats
  • Formatting and optimizing spreadsheets
  • Previewing and printing
  • Using Filter and sort table data capabilities
  • Using charts for data visualization

Duration – 6 weeks

Facilitator – Ricardo R. Trujeque

Skill Level – Beginner

9. Advanced Pivot Tables in Excel [Alison]

Working with a lot of data is what the data entry operator does. Large volumes of data can be summarised with the use of pivot tables to address specific queries. You will have a thorough understanding of building pivot tables in Excel with this course on Advanced Pivot Tables.

More than 11,000 students have enrolled in this 3-hour online course about Alison. With the help of this creative data entry course, you may earn your CPD Accreditation and gain proficiency in creating pivot tables.

Topics Covered:
  • Putting Pivot Table together in Excel
  • Importing data from Access and Text File
  • Combining data from multiple worksheets
  • Report Layouts
  • Different Pivot Table styles and their uses
  • Grouping and Ungrouping in Pivot Table
  • Creating and Manipulating a Pivot Table

Duration – 3 hours

Facilitator – SimonSezIT

Skill Level – Advanced

10. Excel Skills for Business Specialization [Coursera]

This comprehensive course is available in four sections at MACQUARIE University. Every section covers a different facet of Excel and trains the learner from scratch. The subtitles are in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, Spanish, and Hungarian, and the narration is in English.

This course is worth a try if you want to become an Excel expert in a matter of months, as it has over 42000 enrolled students and a 4.9 rating. Decide to become a proficient data entry operator by enrolling in this Coursera program.

Topics Covered:
  • Entering, manipulating, and formatting data in Excel
  • Creating charts and tables to effectively summarize raw data
  • Using formulas and functions to calculate
  • Automating choices and data lookups with functions
  • creating navigation aids for large workbooks

Duration – 6 months

Facilitators – Nicky Bull, Professor Yvonne Breyer, and Dr. Prashan S. M. Karunaratne

Skill Level – Beginner to Advanced

Free Data Entry Course

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Your journey to financial independence begins with these free online data entry courses. Additionally, you can find a well-paying career to support your family and yourself by obtaining these abilities through free online classes. Thus, without any hesitation, begin your education.

Learning never stops being a journey. We’re just getting started in the data entry industry with this list of 10 online courses.

It becomes essential to stay current with new software and data analysis tools!

FAQs On Free Data Entry Course

Q.) Which programs are Used for Data Entry?

Ans. Companies utilize different software for data entry. But Microsoft Excel is the most widely used program.

Q.) Are Resumes Benefiting from Data Entry Courses?

Ans. Indeed, it is appropriate to list data entry courses on a CV. It displays your capacity for accuracy, focus, and attention to detail.

Q.) Are There Certifications for Online Data Entry Courses?

Ans. Indeed, accreditation is a requirement for the majority of online data entry programs. However the requirements for each course vary in order to obtain the certificate. For this reason, before registering for the course, double-check the prerequisites.


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