What are Data Entry Jobs

What are Data Entry Jobs, A Guide to Salary, Skills and Job Hunting

What are Data Entry Jobs:- If you love accuracy, can work under pressure, and have good keyboarding skills, think about a career in data entry. Data entry jobs are in high demand by companies across many industries, so a career in this area may be quite rewarding.

Do you have questions about how to become a data entry clerk? First and foremost, it’s important to remember that data entry jobs can be found as full-time, part-time, or freelance roles in addition to the typical structure of an independent consultant.

Work-from-home opportunities are sometimes quite flexible for those in data entry employment. Continue reading to see how you can join the FlexJobs community of people who have found data entry employment.


What Is a Data Entry Job?

Data input is the process of adding new information or updating records in a database or computer system. What kind of tasks does a data entry clerk perform? Data entry professionals use computers and data processing software to enter information. Data entry job descriptions may also include tasks like transcribing information from recordings or phone conversations. Employers may also need paper papers, even if most data entry activities are completed electronically.

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What are Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Skills, Job Requirements, and Experience

Most firms just ask applicants seeking to start a career in data entry to have a high school diploma or the GED equivalent. However, depending on the business, a bachelor’s degree could be required in some situations. A probable job interview for data entry will precede an overview of the academic prerequisites. You may be required to finish a data input exam to determine how accurately you entered the information. Many companies look for candidates who are proficient with Microsoft Office and the Excel spreadsheet program, as employing data processing tools might occasionally be a need.

Possessing these attributes can help a candidate stand out from the competition even if they have no experience in technology. You ought to address these in your cover letter.

  • Organization
  • Self-motivation
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work independently or as part of a team
  • Polite and courteous
  • Deadline-oriented

If you’re wondering how to become a data entry specialist, the good news is that many businesses are looking for entry-level data entry roles. This is a great opportunity to gain experience and training on the job. In terms of the job outlook for data entry specialists, figures from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics point to a 3% growth rate over ten years ending in 2026.

Data Entry Salary: How Much Do Data Entry Jobs Pay?

The hourly pay range for data entry positions, according to PayScale, is $11 to roughly $17, with candidates with more experience and skills earning more money. The compensation is $14.41 per hour on average.

The need for additional responsibilities like customer service or administrative office work may also affect a data entry clerk’s compensation. A data processor can be needed, for instance, in the travel and hotel industries, to manage customer reservations and bookings, including cancellations and schedule modifications.

Finding Legitimate Data Entry Jobs

There are legitimate data entry jobs out there, but you should be mindful that they shouldn’t involve any financial obligations or a start-up charge. FlexJobs posts real data entry jobs almost every day. Every data entry job listed on FlexJobs is being offered by a respectable organization and has undergone a thorough evaluation by a FlexJobs researcher.

Listings that include these things may be a sign of data entry fraud.

  • Paying an administrative fee or for training
  • Processing rebates
  • Purchasing business kits
  • Promote affiliate marketing

Companies That Hire for Data Entry Jobs

Those who like flexible work schedules may find a career in data entry. Many organizations that hire workers for data entry tasks prefer that candidates be able to work remotely because most jobs may be accomplished on a personal computer. Data entry employment can also lead to part-time, contract, and freelance work opportunities.

FlexJobs is home to many companies offering data entry jobs, including the following ones:

  • Ajilon
  • Adecco
  • Conduent
  • CVS Health
  • Kelly
  • Kforce
  • Mintel
  • RetailData
  • Rose International
  • Symbria

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What are Data Entry Jobs

Types of Data Entry Jobs: Common Data Entry Job Titles

Data entry roles come in a variety of different varieties. It is up to the employers to list any additional general office duties—related or not—in the job description. The duties may change depending on the sector. For data input positions, there are many classifications available, such as:

Data Entry Clerk

This employment entails simple data entry, typically using a keyboard, into various formats using either numeric or alphabetic data.

Data Entry Keyer

This position involves scanning or entering numbers or data into computer software systems, frequently from hard copies or paper documents.


The usual transcription task involves listening to recordings and typing the content into reports or other Word documents. Transcribing tasks are often word-based as opposed to data-driven.

Typist and Word Processor

One of the main responsibilities of this position is basic typing, which includes entering data for reports, communications, and text documents.

Types of Data Entry: Industries That Hire Data Entry Jobs

Medical and Health

Among these employers are dental offices, diagnostic labs, clinics, medical facilities, and health and medical hospitals.


A lot of data entry workers usually have an office or a home office. For many jobs, taking phone calls and managing general receptionist duties may be necessary.

Accounting and Finance

Accounts payable, payroll, audits, corporate finances, and tax preparation are among the data entry jobs that financial organizations employ individuals for.

Government and Politics

For jobs like elections and public record-keeping, local, state, and federal agencies often hire accurate data entry specialists.

Retail and Sales

Sales and Retail These industries employ people for positions involving flexible data entry. In retail and sales, inventory, online sales, collecting, and logistics can all be very important.

What are Data Entry Jobs

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Continuing on the Career Path of Data Entry

After you’ve established that getting a data entry job is something you want to do for a living and have a firm understanding of how to do it, there are several strategies for moving up the professional ladder.

Continue your education with an emphasis on courses like information technology, data science, or business or office technology if you’re at the entry level and merely have a high school diploma. A data entry professional’s career goals may align with obtaining an associate’s degree, a certification in data entry, or academic credit from an online course.

Think about moving up to a supervisory role in your data entry career or going from that to a role as a data entry analyst or data analyst. Strong analytical skills, database construction and maintenance abilities, the ability to oversee quarterly or annual data reporting, and excellent communication skills are usually prerequisites for these roles in addition to a college degree.

We can help when you’re ready to start looking for data entry jobs! We continuously add new data entry jobs to our database because it’s one of the most flexible vocations available in today’s labor market. Check them out and get in touch for your upcoming chance. Following your selection, look through sample resumes for data entry to gain ideas for your own.

In addition, if you haven’t joined yet, explore our site to find out more about how we may help you find a flexible position in data entry or another industry!


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