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Data Entry Classes, Best Data Entry Courses, Training with Certificate

Data Entry Classes:- Jobs involving data input are growing more and more popular. Working remotely and leveraging transferrable talents across several software platforms are only two of its advantages.

Acquiring knowledge in data entry through readily available programs and classes is an excellent method of enhancing your professional portfolio.

It can be challenging to know where to begin, though, because there are a lot of data entry courses accessible, most of them online.

I’ve compiled a list of the top seven data entry courses with certifications in this post so you may advance your career and become a data entry pro.


Data Entry Courses, Data Entry Classes, And Certification Programs

With the appropriate credentials, you can work in one of the most in-demand fields—data entry.

Because no advanced degree is required, people can also earn a consistent income.

Not all data entry courses that provide free certification are worth your time or money, even though there are hundreds or even thousands of them available online.

For this reason, I have compiled a list of the top seven data entry courses available online, all of which come with free certification from a variety of esteemed sources.

Whether you wish to start a new data entry career or advance your abilities in your existing position, this can help you achieve your goals.

You will learn how to utilize a range of software programs and how to format data so that it can be rapidly entered into a database in these courses.

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Data Entry Classes

Top Online Data Entry Classes and Programs

Continue reading to find out where to enroll in the best online data entry courses available right now. They are widely available at no cost.

1. Alison

Numerous hundred free facts entry publications are available on the Alison platform.

The most famous direction is “basics of contact typing.” it takes the best hours to finish and produce certificates.

After you become proficient at contact typing, look at the basics of Microsoft Excel and other business organization software programs software.

Any of Allison’s classes, which are all expected to be completed in a few hours, could help you improve your pastime on a single afternoon.

2. Coursera

The majority of students taking facts entry courses on the Coursera platform find it challenging to use Microsoft Excel, which is still the standard information access tool for most businesses.

You may study the necessary statistics access abilities without investing a whole lot of time, as the majority of novice-level publications most effectively require some hours of looking at.

The best component is that the website offers a massive range of unfastened introductory guides. however, be conscious that getting a certificate may additionally require you to pay a nominal fee.

Leading schools and huge organizations like Microsoft and Google offer publications on the web page.

3. edX

Look for “Excel for all people: middle foundations,” even though EDX grants a lot of records access to courses.

Learn everything there is to know about the University of British Columbia’s Excel program with this extensive pathway.

Self-paced as it is, you might wish to give the program six weeks to finish if you dedicate four to six hours per week to it.

The path is free to follow, however, if you would like a certificate upon completion, there may be a charged upgrade available. This is the small print.

4. Intuit Accountants

Giant in the industry Intuit has you covered if you prefer to concentrate more on the financial aspect of data entry.

Although accountants are the target audience for the majority of Intuit’s free webinars, the company also provides beginning and intermediate data entry courses.

Having access to Quickbooks will enable you to make the most of Intuit’s webinars, which center around data entry in the software.

Not to worry, Intuit also provides free software training if you have never used Quickbooks.

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Data Entry Classes

5. LinkedIn Learning

Although LinkedIn Learning provides several data entry courses, “Excel Essential Training” is one of the best.

You will become proficient with the widely used spreadsheet program in just two and a half hours with this training.

Despite being a subscription-based business, LinkedIn Learning gives new users a free one-month trial.

During the trial period, you can effortlessly finish this course as well as other others. Just remember to cancel before the thirty days are up.

6. Skillshare

A few free data entry courses using Microsoft Excel can be found on the Skillshare platform.

The majority of these courses are short, one- or two-hour introductions to basic concepts. At least one course, nevertheless, covers advanced abilities.

You can learn how to construct automated forms in less than an hour with one course—a crucial skill for data entry operators.

“Excel for the Real World” is a fantastic course that teaches Excel inside real-world business scenarios on the platform.

7. Udemy

Start your data entry job with the ‘Data Entry Course for Beginners’ from the Udemy website.

Although not free, this comprehensive course is often available for less than $20 on sale.

The course materials, which span four and a half hours, are self-paced, allowing you to access and review at your convenience.

A certificate of completion and a downloadable resource are included in the registration fee for this course.


Many online classes are available to assist in learning data entry.

But keep in mind that these courses aren’t all made equal.

When selecting a course, there are several things to take into account, such as the course topic, instructor, cost, and your career objectives.

We consider these courses to be the best available online for learning data entry, and we also provide free trials and certification. For this reason, we heartily suggest them.

Data Entry Classes

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FAQs On Data Entry Classes

Q.) Can I Get All of My Data Entry Training Online?

Ans. Without a doubt! Data entry is a skill that is perhaps best suited for online education, and the largest online learning platforms all offer data entry courses.

Most of these courses just require a few hours of teaching and are self-paced, so you can review as much as you’d like.

Q.) Are there any free courses in data entry available?

Ans. While a minor registration fee is required for some data entry courses, the majority are offered for free by the main online learning companies.

Although you usually have to pay a little charge to obtain the certificate, some courses even offer free certificates of completion.

Q.) How Much Can I Make Entering Data?

Ans. Per the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), data entry operators make an average of $37,970 per year.

Entry-level careers include data entry. Good data entry abilities will let you pursue new opportunities for advancement.

Q.) Do Operators for Data Entry Come in High Demand?

Ans. Companies still require people with good data entry abilities, even though rising automation poses a threat to data input.

Another flexible work option is data entry, which you can accomplish from anywhere with internet access.


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