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Data Entry Courses Online, List of Free Data Entry Courses Online

Data Entry Courses Online:- The process of entering, saving, and maintaining data in a database or computer system is known as data entry. Inputting data into a digital format requires human entry or conversion from several sources. It is essential to many different kinds of companies and organizations.

Investing in the appropriate data entry school is crucial if you want to advance your career chances and become well-known in the field. We have selected the top data entry training courses accessible online to assist you in making the best decision. In a nutshell, let’s examine the top six courses across various pricing points, program lengths, and levels.


What is Data Entry?

Data input is the process of entering information or data via a keyboard, mouse, disc, scanner, or voice into a computer program or database. Transferring information from one media to another is a need of data entry employment. Typically, hardcopy data is entered into a bug meant to organize the data in a way that is incredibly beneficial to a business. Regular, part-time, and freelance options are available for knowledge entry tasks. Knowledge entry positions typically provide excellent flexibility for working from home.

Why Data Entry is important?

Companies can benefit from data entry in a variety of ways, including lower overhead costs through decreased operational expenditures and increased security and dependability of crucial business operations.

The ability to focus on other tasks that might otherwise need to be completed simultaneously makes data entry work beneficial for time management, especially for those who work in sales and marketing departments. This promotes improved organization and teamwork within the business.

Data input is one of the most effective strategies for companies to guarantee uniformity among their numerous branches, making a good impression (and receiving a positive response) in their online communities! If data entry is something you’re interested in studying, you might want to look into enrolling in an online course. In addition to providing an entry-level data entry credential, online courses offer the flexibility of learning whenever and wherever you choose. You can prove your data entry knowledge and abilities with an online certificate, which can help you get employment or continue your education.

Therefore, to assist you, we have put together this list of Online Data Entry Courses with Certification. We intend that this course will equip you with the necessary skills to work as a professional data entry clerk.

Data Entry Courses Online

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List of Data Entry Courses Online:

We do not endorse any of the several internet platforms that are available here. The names have only been disclosed to support the pupils and give them the best education possible. Two reputable websites offer free online courses in data entry.

Data Entry Course for BeginnersUdemy
Data entry and keyboard SkillsUnacademy

They provide data entering education for free. By the time you read this, though, they might have imposed a fee. However, the free online data entry course is currently available on these two websites. Let’s now examine the specifics of the different online data entry courses that are offered.


Excel Skills for Business (Data Entry): Essentials18 hours?3,584


Learn Data entry & launch a successful home-based businessSelf-pacedINR 665
Data Entry Course for BeginnersSelf-pacedINR 665


Excel for Everyone: Core FoundationsSelf-pacedN/A

These are the top online courses for data entry that are accessible. Make sure the candidate has a laptop or computer if they wish to study data. Because you must practice daily in addition to the course to improve in this profession, this is a course that requires practice. Let’s now examine the specific talents needed to succeed in the role of data input operator.

Skills Required for Data Entry:

The Data Entry Courses Online do not have any prerequisites for enrollment. Put simply, there are no prerequisites for enrolling in an online course. To pursue data entry, all you need is a working knowledge of computers and their tools, as well as a basic command of English. to succeed in the data entry operator field. The following abilities are necessary:

Organizational abilitiesBasic software knowledge
Superior typing speedGood concentration
Good customer service skillsDiligent and responsible
Ability to meet deadlinesGood knowledge of English and grammar
Able to maintain data confidentialityAccuracy
Attention to detailConcentration
Self-motivatedAble to work under pressure

Benefits of Data Entry Courses

Numerous advantages of data entry courses include skill development and freelance opportunities.

  • Enhancement of Skill: Develop your ability to handle and process facts.
  • Career prospects: Open doors to different professional prospects in data input.
  • Flexibility: Take classes whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • Working for yourself Prospects: Get experience with data entry as a freelancer.
  • Efficiency: Use cutting-edge technologies and methods to increase the efficiency of your work.
  • Accuracy: Develop your ability to handle facts more precisely and accurately.
  • Software Proficiency: Develop your knowledge of important data input programs such as Google Sheets and Excel.
  • Certification: Acquire certifications to strengthen your CV.
  • Marketability: Become more employable in a market where jobs are competitive.

Important Data Entry Tools:

This is a list of a few frequently used tools in the data entry industry. A candidate needs to understand how to use these tools and what applications they have for data entry tasks. View the entire inventory of data entry tools below:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • FormTools
  • Winautomation
  • Zoho Forms
  • Capture 3.0
  • Kamisha Soft
  • MoreApp Forms
  • Electronic Studio IDE
  • Team scope etc

Let’s take a look at the Data Entry Course Online’s general curriculum, which is presented in most online classes to ensure that students are taught correctly and appropriately.

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Data Entry Courses Online

Data Entry Course Online Syllabus:

Some websites are offering the course. The course syllabus may vary, but generally speaking, the data entry course will cover the following topics.

Basics of ComputerFunctions in MS Excel
MS word Computer FundamentalsBasics of Word Processing
Operating SystemInput and Output Devices
Creating PresentationFormatting Documents
Optimization of dataBasics of Spreadsheet
Reporting and presentation of dataPreparing to deploy
Validation of data Data analysis.Mail Merge

Career After Data Entry Course:

It is the goal of the online course to essentially provide you with an overview and basic to moderate-level information that will allow you to operate as a freelancer and make a little money. However, you might need to enroll in an advanced course that is specifically meant to prepare you for a job in this industry if you want to work for a reputable organization. This is a list of some of the top data entry operator recruitment firms that offer competitive salaries to new hires.

  • United Health Group
  • Addison Group
  • MedExpress
  • Coleman Data
  • ARDEM Incorporated
  • Perfect Data Entry,
  • DataPlus
  • Axion Data
  • SaivionIndia
  • Youth4work
  • Lake Data Center
  • Central Vigilance Commission
  • Comptroller & Auditor
  • General of India
  • CBI
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Central Government Departments etc

If data entry is something you’re interested in and you truly want to work for reputable firms and make a good living, then you can create a great career out of it. In order of preference, these are the best job profiles.

Top Job Profiles after Data Entry:

Job ProfileAverage Salary Per Annum
Data Entry OperatorINR 192,000
Data Entry ClerkINR 155,994
Data Entry SpecialistINR 221838
Back office executiveINR 200000
Bank OfficerINR 3,81,750
Accounts ClerkINR 1,83,087
HRINR 2,92,400
Office AdministratorINR 2,45,036
Administrative AssistantINR 2,51,799
SecretaryINR 3,66,993

Seek a course from any reputable website if you’re interested in a profession in data entry, and make every effort to complete the practical training. To improve in this sector, begin with the online Data Entry Course and continue to expand your expertise.

Data Entry Courses Online

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FAQs On Data Entry Courses Online

Q.) How can I get free training in data entry?

Ans. Free data entry courses are available on numerous websites. To obtain information from there at a basic to intermediate level, you can enroll in such classes.

Q.) What Course Is Best for a Job in Data Entry?

Ans. There isn’t a particular course that works particularly well for data entry jobs. For data entry, however, any course that can provide you with information from basic to advanced is ideal.

Q.) Which data entry examples are there?

Ans. Here are some instances of data entry jobs that involve inputting accounting records, updating client information, and transcribing.


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